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Default Greetings!

I've seen this forum a few times over the past couple of years, but haven't ever had the courage to go ahead and sign on!

I'm Apricot, a 26 year old mother of small children (currently) in Idaho. My husband and I have been married for seven and a half years (yes, the math adds up the way you think it does), and we are former Mormons/LDS *insert all appropriate jokes here*.

About a year after we got married, while we were still members, I came out of the closet as bi to him, and since then we've talked off and on about having an open or poly relationship. Up until recently, it was purely rhetorical, and gave us a lot of time to refine what exactly each of us found important, but recently, my husband has developed feelings for a coworker, and they're reciprocated.

I expected some jealousy, but so far I've only been really happy for the two of makes me smile to see him excited to get to see her, and walking with an extra spring in his step. They're moving very slowly, which I think is good, personally, but it made me think it was about time I actually joined this site rather then simply knowing it existed.

So hey, and nice to meet y'all!
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