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Originally Posted by booklady78 View Post
I'm not sure I agree that most poly folk would feel that the term is eroded or degraded by including other forms of responsible non-monogamy. I find it really very sad that anyone would feel their community is at all degraded by including people with differences into it.
No one is saying that the poly community is degraded by its differences, nor that people can't be poly and ALSO engage in other types of liaisons. You can be poly AND open AND swinging AND whatever, but that does not negate the fact that polyamory is a subset of non-monogamy just like those others are, and is distinctly different from them (in that its focus is on loving relationships and the others focus on sex). Just because people include other activities in their lives does not change the meaning of a word. And using the word polyamory to represent whatever one wants it to, does erode its meaning, plain and simple.

What would probably be better for the poly "community" is to stop trying to change the word or invent new ones, because people out there who are just learning about it will be confused. It only prevents poly from being more accepted when it's not clear what it is.
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