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Originally Posted by celiset View Post
Um, you don't *have* to do anything. Jeez.

*You* get an attitude with me over something trivial in the last post, and in this post still manage to make it seem like it's *my* fault? At least my bf and I both know that neither of us can *make* the other feel anything. How you feel is an independent choice. So if you're feeling frustrated, take a look at yourself first.

To be honest, both he and I have read your "radical honesty" in previous posts and we see you as condescending, codependent, and a big fat know it all. How's that for radical honesty?

For everyone else, you all seem really nice and I appreciate your help.

I think I'll take my questions elsewhere.

I have to step in here.
RP has been brutally honest with some of us-and MANY of us have REQUESTED that of her. Radical honesty is expressing a truth about a situation-it is not letting your emotions allow your ass to over run your mouth.

I have proven myself to be a very patient caring person who is quite capable of trying to see things from anothers perspective. However-I can also say-that in this case-YOU are wrong and that was uncalled for. You owe RP a sincere apology. Others may feel different-but I for one will not return to post any of the many good suggestions I may have so long as things stand as they do after the quoted post.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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