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Default Is talking/flirting with strangers acceptable for many of you?

Hello, I am just curious.

I have a strong tendency to talk to girls that I find attractive. I have been doing this all my life (mainly when single and somewhat now as well).

Now I am in a LTR and slowly opening up the relationship but want to know about what level of liberties other people find acceptable.

From many I read here that poly came by accident or something beyond their control (such as a friendship that evolved).

In my case, I have no such relations but like to explore other avenues, not necessarily sexual but like to get intimate with other people.

Therefore, I am severely tempted to approach women in the street, supermarket, bars etc when we exchange glances, smiles etc and get their facebook etc...

This has worked for me in the past but wonder how you people would react to this?

If am very much committed to my SO but am very excited at the idea of flirting and such and meeting new people.

If my SO were to do something like this, I would probably be somewhat worried but I think I could deal with that since I now she loves me very much.

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