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Originally Posted by Carma View Post
Just for clarity, she technically doesn't work in his office; she is an associate of the franchise. So it's easy for her to "stop by" but it would be just as easy for her not to, if they broke it off.

I think Sundance is thinking along the lines of, if their relationship progresses, he will be able to break it to her gently, about the lies he has told her, and hopefully she will understand and be able to forgive him.
I will admit I tend to be the worrier/anxiety person, so I see the trouble that COULD happen a lot! LOL.. so take that, and this, with a grain of salt.

But... still... you don't know her that well. Maybe once she learns he's not separating from you, that you're NOT spending all of your time with your boyfriend, and that she's NOT going to be the new love of his life, and instead she has been sucked unknowingly into a poly relationship--- she might not react that well. Maybe she will, maybe she loves him that much, maybe she's truly an understanding person.

It's just as likely she'll be heartbroken, feel her trust has been broken, feel used. She might just "go away" at work. Or she might tell every single person she knows and he knows that he lied to her that they were going to be together and used her.

If she's hurt enough, you have NO idea what she's capable of, because you don't know her, and he doesn't really know her.

And how do you think she's going to handle telling her family that the guy they just met is married and staying that way? How do you think it makes her feel after she told them one thing about him, and now it turns out that isn't true.

Like I said, I always see the possibilities of drama-- and that's part of the reason I detest the lying thing. Because it creates bad situations, and invites bad reactions, and you have no idea how bad it can get.

Regardless, he needs to tread cautiously, and be prepared for a reaction he doesn't like.
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