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Just for clarity, she technically doesn't work in his office; she is an associate of the franchise. So it's easy for her to "stop by" but it would be just as easy for her not to, if they broke it off.

I think Sundance is thinking along the lines of, if their relationship progresses, he will be able to break it to her gently, about the lies he has told her, and hopefully she will understand and be able to forgive him.

Add to the mix that once she and I meet, things could take an interesting turn, and we can't predict what that will be. I'm not sure if I will click with her or not. I'm not sure if she will be terribly jealous of me, or not -- weird how that never really crossed my mind, when I've read enough posts of the secondary woman's feelings, you'd think I'd be more aware, DUH.

Sundance had no idea where this was going to lead. He thinks he can control his feelings, but I think her affection and attention has taken him a little more by surprise than he anticipated. People can endear themselves to you. Sometimes, it starts out that you love them. Other times, you fall in love with the way they love you. Frankly, the way she loves him has taken me aback. Powerful stuff, this love thing.

Thanks to all of you for your input, I appreciate it beyond words. And I WILL encourage the Sundance Kid to get on here, I promise!!!
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