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Default Biblical Christian Poly Living

We made a post on one of the threads in this forum about our faith and how it affects our views on poly. We offered to share our understanding with others, without getting into arguments. We were steeled and prepared for all kinds of backlash ... which never coalesced.

Instead, we received several very fascinating responses and have started developing some wonderful friendships.

With this in mind, we thought we would make a deliberate posting and invite those who are interested in discussing the Biblical aspects of poly life with us.

We're not looking to convert or change anyone's views. We just want to be open with what we have learned, how it works for us and share it with anyone who is interested.

We would prefer to conduct the discussions in email, on the phone and in person--our experience with certain other religious viewpoints has been very negative and we've ended up attacked for nothing more than sharing our faith. Thus, we don't want to be overly public -- at least, for now. Until we're more comfortable with the community and how accepted we are within it.

So, the purpose of this post is to sort of "advertise" to those who are of similar faith, that we'd be happy to discuss our views and our faith, but from here it's up to you. You can come to us, seeking conversation and discourse, but we don't want to cram it down anyone's throat.

There it is, then. You can email us at:
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