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Originally Posted by Carma View Post
Like I just mentioned on another thread, he is afraid that everything he does with her, gives me license to do the same with Butch.

I think he suspects that i am setting him up, that I want him to go deeper with him, so I can go deeper with Butch.
I am sorry, but I am frowning again and again over what you share here and I am starting to get mad about it. IF this is his motivation in this whole mess, to use other people to manipulate one another, he needs to stop right now. No one deserves to be treated this way because of a struggle two people got with each other. As you said, she doesn't deserve this.

I myself would never tolerate lies. If someone can't be honest with me there is something wrong with our relationship and respect. And the lies that you suspect him to tell aren't of the "little white kind". My short take of what happened, I am sorry if it sounds a bit harsh but I couldn't stand this situation personally and would move heaven and earth to get it sorted out.

Good luck.
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