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i know why i fear being vulnarable, it is deep rooted in my past, 2 of the men i am currently seeing most def deserve my trust, the other who i am not seeing yet has hurt me in the past and will have to earn the trust back before he comes back into my life,
we are doing a lot of talking at the moment and i won't move things to next level until the trust is back

with the 2 that i am currently in a relationship with
i want to trust them 100 percent but i know that i hold back a little,
its not a lot, its like a tiny little bit of me is holding back, but i am still aware of that and actually i think i am ready to be vulnarable with them,

its very difficult though,
to just let go, becuase even when i want too i think subconciously i may still hold back,
so its a case of where to start

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