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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
I don't know how to put in links. Sorry. Haven't mastered that yet! Still working on figuring out how to tag so when I start my new thread (overdue) I can tag it because I know the regulars wish I would so they could more easily say GO SEARCH FOR THAT!
I have lots of posts-but haven't been here too long!
It is really quite easy. There is nothing to "master". You won't break anything if you make a mistake:

To put in a link, there is a little icon of a paperclip with a globe, above the part where you type in the text of your post. Click that, then enter the URL you want to link to in the little box that drops down.

To add tags to an already existing thread, go to the bottom of the list of messages (right below the "Post Reply" button) and you will see a blue bar with the word "Tags" on the left, and "Edit Tags" over to the right. Click on Edit Tags and you can add up to two tags per thread. If you are starting a new thread, it will say "Tags" in blue letters at the bottom of the box where you type in the text of your post. It will let you put up to 5 tags if you are the one starting the thread.

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