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I'm feeling anticipation. There's all kinds of good things coming, and I'm looking forward to them, although they come with some negative sides to them.

Tomorrow I'm travelling to Mya and we are spending together our last weekend for the summer. It's gonna be just the two of us, which will be lovely. I mean, we've spent a lot of time recently as a group, which has been great, but haven't had much alone time except for short periods. And we need it since it will be a while 'til the next time. Me and Alec are going home again in a week, and Mya is moving home to JJ as well. Therefore, our distance will go from 200km/2 hours by train to around 2000km/10 hours by car+plane+train... Oh, well. To be honest, it hasn't really felt like an LDR during the summer, since we've been able to meet almost weekly. It has been wonderful, but have to get adjusted to serious LDR again. We're planning to meet once a month in the future.

Otherwise, I'm really looking forward to going home. I'm exhausted to stay with relatives. Since I moved out at 16 I've always had my own place with Alec, and have gotten very used to my peace. I'm obviously really grateful for all the support we've received for the support (living abroad has costed a lot so we couldn't have rented a place for the summer). But I'm really looking forward to getting home with him.

Also, despite of my distance becoming bigger with Mya, I feel that I'll be able to be a better partner for both my loves once I get home. Right now I feel stretched out. I'm way more social than usual (I'm meeting many friends who live here), and all the sceduling is making me tired. And of course the biggest thing is the lack of my own space. Luckily, I've managed to take some time for myself, and had enough quality time with both Mya and Alec, so that all of our needs are being met. BUT, I like the thought of abundance, so that we wouldn't all only be getting what we need. Rather we would be getting more than we need, so we can feel there's plenty to go around and quality loving/sexy time is not a scarce resource. Because I do feel that I have a lot to give, but it has been limited because of our special living arrangements during the summer. Of course, it will still be limited with Mya because of the LDR but that's something we'll have to live with for the time being.
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