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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
I think the moment I really knew I was starting to fall in love with her was early on, when we were having sex. Not to get too pornographic, but I was tied up and Eric was doing things to me, and she was cradling my head and looking down at me and her face was suffused with intent and interest and feeling and she just breathed "Beautiful..." while looking into my eyes.
Why do I get the feeling I was just cheated out of some really good porn here ?

I also tend to fall for people during sex. There is something in the sense of intimacy and sharing that just opens my heart. I don't think I'm kidding myself if I say I have in the moment loved every one of the people I've bedded. Which is why I don't really know how to do casual . For me there has to be at least the potential of a relationship, otherwise I'm not interested.

A-hi-jacking I go.
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