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Originally Posted by SourGirl View Post
Happy Anniversary !
Thanks!! - I am REALLY tired - just realized you already knew about my anniversary... you can disregard that in the email LOL

Pengrah is texting Wellington again. I'm ok with it. I was ok with it back in December after they had broken up and he and I had started the healing process - but he wasn't ready for it.

I won't deny it... I am curious... did she respond? Did you respond? but other than knowing if they are actually talking... I don't really care about the details. Its his relationship to rebuild or not as he sees fit. I know who I am to him and where I fit in his life, and we'll work through anything else that comes up.

I'm not actively seeking anything at this point. I don't have the *urge* to go out and date... I'm happy right now, and am enjoying the friendships I have and new ones I'm making and my relationship with my husband.

Life is good. Life is really good I am content... zomg... so content... LOLOLOLOL
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