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I don't know how to put in links. Sorry. Haven't mastered that yet! Still working on figuring out how to tag so when I start my new thread (overdue) I can tag it because I know the regulars wish I would so they could more easily say GO SEARCH FOR THAT!
I have lots of posts-but haven't been here too long!

Maca has posted a wealth of his struggles with being "dragged" into a poly lifestyle, think most is on the general forum, but you could just look him up-click his profile and read all his posts.

Check out as well. I found that site first and read and read and read and read. Then sent like 50 copy/pasted messages to Maca of htings I found on there so he could also read. Very helpful info. Their magazine online has good info too and I think you can search through previous editions... I think...
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