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I'm going to ask you a question, but don't take it the wrong way. Seriously, it's only to do some thought-provoking.

Why is not getting everything you want exactly how you want it, getting in the way of you enjoying what you have?

I ask because I see this a lot, where people focus on the one, two, five things that aren't going the way THEY want, and they are ignoring or forgetting all of the things they DO have.

Nothing is going to be the way we want it all of the time.

Some things are NEVER going to go exactly the way we want them to, especially if it involves another human being who has a whole entire life of their own.

Compromises will have to be made by one person or another at some point in any relationship for it to last. Some times one person will have their way, sometimes another, but it will have to happen. Everyone can't have their way all of the time-- unless we all want the same things exactly always, which you know doesn't happen!

Just a thought to keep things in perspective. As was mentioned, sometimes something not going your way is not something you can live with for whatever reason. Then you have to decide to let go.

Sometimes it's nice to focus on "I HAVE" instead of "I WANT". It's amazing how different the world looks through that lens...
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