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Default poly already includes zero and one

Originally Posted by TruckerPete View Post
But I thought poly was simply the ablity to love more than one? So if they can do that, then they're poly. No one says you HAVE to love more than one ...

I have to admit, when I see new, super-specific terms coined I can't help but think, "Yes, let's make it even more difficult for the world at large to understand us ... "
agree totally, TP.

and I would go further: by saying poly MUST mean more than one relationship,we seem to be critical of monos who have chosen awarely to be mono.

If we assert that poly includes the abiltiy to accept any number, this has two benefits:
- makes us easier for others to understand
- makes us less threatening to them

And zero partners is also a valid poly number, for poly people who are temporarily celibate by choice.

This point is addressed, in different ways, by posts linked from my sig...

Instead of omniamorous, I prefer polyflexible for those of us (I am one) who are open to the idea that our next primary relationship could be mono or poly. This choice of word keeps 'poly' in view, and makes it clear that this particular poly is open to a medium/long term mono relationship as one of a range of options.

So I think polyflexible does most of what RP wanted, but without the disadvantages.

And is easier to understand and remember.

There are two Rivers here now: which one is this?

quaker poly experiences and poly: a quaker perspective

I hope other British Quakers who are poly (or wonder if they are) will contact me here, thanks, Friends.

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