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Originally Posted by Carma View Post
Sometimes I feel funny when I'm in bed with Butch and I look down at my wedding ring. I think, "I should hide that under the pillow or something! Doesn't that bother him?" And I realize, this ring is a symbol of something that is the Truth. And we are not about lies. That's what makes our relationship so great. It is what it is. Butch makes it perfectly clear to me that he is not open to me showing up on his doorstep to move in! But our circumstances are unique.
I also wear my wedding ring to bed with SW or Oil Man. It was weird at first. But I realized, like Carma, that it is a physical representation of my commitment to Beloved. When I wear it openly with my other lovers, it is also illustrates a commitment of sorts to them too - to be honest about my life, what I can offer them, what I can receive.
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