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Default Need Advice from a Mono Primary

Here is a little back ground. I have been dating this woman for a few months. She is poly, I am trying to be open minded to it. We recently decided that we would be the primary relationship, even though she has been with the other guy longer than me (ldr). I have fears and worries about our future together. They are completely figments of my mind and no way reflect how our relationship is actually going. But I need to get these wild emotions under control and looking for some sort of guidance. I feel I might be on the way out of this relationship unless I can get these under control.
So I am looking for someone that is in the primary relationship and is mono. Looking to find out how you cope/deal with the day to day things. Your partner going off to spend the night with her lover, her coming home to you after a hot date and being wet and ready to go, ....etc. How do you deal with these things? Do you have boundaries set? Is she receptive to your opinions and feelings on the secondary relationship? Anything at this point would be good to know. Thanks ahead of time for any of the help.
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