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Originally Posted by AutumnalTone View Post
One can identify as polyamorous, meaning one has a preference for having multiple romances at once, or one can simply engage in polyamorous arrangements without having any strong preference for such.
Is the above a qualitative difference that would warrant a differentiation in terms?

I've heard people in the bisexual movement putting forward "no sexual preference" (actually, "no gender preference" would be a more apt term) as a fourth option that is needed to cover accurately the spectrum of identity and behaviour from straight to bisexual to gay, reserving bisexual for people who actually feel desire/attraction both to male and female gender styles.

I understood "omniamorous" to refer to someone who just doesn't care about the relationship form (has no strong preference either way). From a mono POV, it would be very different to become involved with a person who strongly prefers polyamorous arrangements compared to involvement with a person who doesn't care. If somebody strongly IDs as poly, then indeed it would be ill-adviced to get caught up in NRE and forget to mention this tiny little detail to their mono partner.

The word "omniamorous" doesn't catch this difference, but it would be interesting to know if some neologism out there could.
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