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Guess i'll be finding out soon enough. Hes coming home from offshore today so plan on talking to him some more. I'm not even sure if Poly is what he wants or if its just the sex. He likes porn though I can say it honestly does nothing for him sexually, so havent figured that out yet. I know because though I feel embarrassed, Iv'e put it on Tv several times thinking it would arouse him, it didn't. It's like trading pics with girls are just entertainment for him. He is to me anyway awesome sex wise and though I had lots before him, I'm not experienced. Im too self concious and nervous so I've been researching a lot and will try whatever I can to change that. As for the jealousy thing, I point out to him that its pretty hypocriptical but I honestly dont care If he is or not because I have and will not want anyone else. Im 34 so no kid, I had lousy only in it for financial relationship for 12 years. I know what I want and just need to figure out how to keep him and myself happy.
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