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oh it's not part of the game. It's online, so you're in a chat room basically with the game going on in a graphical user interface. You have an avatar/picture and you can click on other people to look at thier stats, add them as a poker buddy, buy them "gifts/drinks" which vary from exotic dancers, tigers, cigarettes, various beverages and one of the things you can "buy" is a rose. Which is just a little rose graphic that shoots from your avatar to thiers then sits next to their avatar until someone buys them something else or the timer runs out on it. It's free poker, so it doesn't actually cost anything. The application is called "Zynga Poker" and I play via myspace or facebook.

People send the items as a way of flirting or just to be friendly or funny (e.g. You can send someone a box of tissues after they lose a big hand.)
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