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Exclamation Tired of Jealousy

Im tired of jealousy but it's mine. He keeps joining "sex" sites which has me going crazy and we have it out. He says he just likes females sending him Pics. He's jealous too but only if A guy flirts with me, he says he would have no problem with females. As you can tell, he eventually would like us to have another girl envolved. Problem is im straight, always have been and dont know if I'd be comfortable with another female. I found this site because i was tired of seeing all advice posts saying leave him, not worth it. It may not be but I love him and have since we met 4 years ago. I truely cannot see leaving him so im trying to find a way to deal with maybe letting him have what he'd like with me included or if not at least just let him. I know what causes jealousy and yes im very insecure and terrified of losing him but im having trouble changing that. We talked recently for awhile and he said he was happier with me since iv'e been trying to not be such a "prude" i guess is best word. Im a shy person so pictures and things like that embarrass me really bad, but Iv'e been being a lil more out there. He works offshore so I know he gets lonely. I just want to be the one that helps him be happy and wish I had a way to not be sooo Jealous. He's very outgoing and loves to flirt, any suggestions lol.
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