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For once I'm glad for insomnia and the fact I'm lazy about updating things.

Apparently someone got into the XBox Live accounts of myself and at least one friend. Managed to charge $75 in points to his card and tried to do the same to mine. I'm so terrible about updating things, however, that the card on file they used was an old, deactivated one I've been too lazy to remove so all I got was an email saying that the charge could not be processed. I've since changed the password to my account and I'm going to call support in the morning.

The Insomnia part is mostly that I had trouble sleeping as a few things are/where stressing me out. By waking up and taking care of at least two of them (at least partially in one case, see above). Even if i'm not as well rested physically as I'd probably like, I might be able to steal a few more hours of sleep now at the very least.
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