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So, just got an ego boost!

I took a stroll to the store to buy some coffee with the cash I just made in my hot little hands. I ran out a few days ago, and wanted some for the morning. On the way home, I stopped in the little 24-hr. deli to buy some cheese and greeted this hot guy who lives across the street from me. I walked in and chirped, "Hi neighbor!" and he was all flirty with me, saying he recognized me but not sure from where. I reminded him that I live across the street. He apologized for "looking like shit" in his gym clothes, all sweaty (ha! like I really hated that!), and I said, "Oh please, I don't think you could ever look like shit." I mean, he is a hunk and a half!

So, of course, his ears prick up. He was on his way out and I was heading to the back of the store, but he turns around to say, "Well, that is really sweet of you," and introduces himself, extending his hand. I gave him my name and he shook my hand and then held it in a flirty, lingering way. And he's all, "So next time we see each other, we can say Hi [his name] and Hi [my name]," while giving me a "I want to bed you" look.

Oh, I know it was corny as hell. And he's a playa -- I see him hanging out in the local watering holes and flirting with women all the time. But I had my hair all tangled up in a knot on the top of my head, with no makeup, and a sloppy old outfit and raggedy sneakers on. So, the fact that he saw fit to flirt with me looking so unglamorous, when I am usually invisible to most of the young guys who are hanging on the corner (there are two bars down the end of my block) even when I'm dressed up, because I'm just a chubby old lady to them -- well, it just made my evening!

So, yeah, ego boost!
The world opens up... when you do.

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