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I can understand how she may feel neglected. We took on a lot of stress in the last couple years including moving to a new city, both getting new jobs, buying a new house, getting married and concentrating on getting out of debt. I've tried to do well by her and provide for her. This is our first time living the "American Dream" and it hasn't been everything we wanted in life. I did ask her multiple times if I was filling her "love buckets" (from 5 love languages) and she said I was doing great.

I was reading earlier about the new relationship glow and I wonder if her emotions are just whipping her around causing her to hurt me even if she doesn't want to. I certainly don't want to make major life changing decisions while she is in this state of mind (if it's even the case).

By the way, I've invited her to join here and post in this thread.
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