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The moment I knew I was really falling for Eric was very different. It was at last year's big camping event, almost exactly a year ago now. We three had spent the week together in close quarters, talking, drinking, partying, lazing, fucking. I had been wondering for some time what my feelings towards Eric were, if they were real or just a sort of self-delusion, more like feeling like I wanted feelings than actually feeling them (if that makes sense).

One night I didn't sleep and watched the sunrise instead. A couple days later, when Gia and Eric were getting ready to leave the campgrounds, someone said something and Eric smiled this huge smile that lit up his face. He almost never smiles like that, he normally keeps a pretty stern expression and smiles more with his eyes. And this thought popped into my head -- "His smile is just like the sun when it breaks over the horizon, so surprising, lighting everything up."

And then I thought, "Oh shit. Am I thinking in poetry about this guy? Did I just, out of nowhere, compare his smile to the sun, isn't that something Shakespeare said in a sonnet or something??? Shit, shit, this is probably for real..."
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