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Default 60 smackers and a potential new friend

Yay, Brigidsdaughter!

I just sold a headboard, which I found on the street, for $60. Dummy me, I didn't realize until after they took it out of here that it is a very expensive iron headboard that goes for $700 new. I don't know why I didn't look for it online beforehand, I've had it sitting here for two months. But I wasn't sure it was iron, though I could tell it was well-made.

I was just kvetching about this on the phone to my sis and she said, "no one's got money to buy anything anymore, so you wouldn't have gotten much more for it." Yeah, easy come, easy go. Now I have money to buy myself and the cat some food, and a very nice person has a new look for her bedroom.

The best part is, I think I made a friend. As soon as I opened my apartment door and saw the woman who came to buy it, a warm feeling came over me, an instant sense that I could be friends with her. And now she and I have been texting each other in a very nice and friendly way this evening. She just sent a message saying "Talk/text anytime." So, some things are meant to be, and I'd be very happy if a new friendship develops out of it.
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