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Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
....That said, I can tell you've been reading on the forums already since you know this is such a hot topic and are expecting people to judge you. So allow me to judge you first. I think it's ok.

(This one goes out to all the people who think i'm a narrow-minded ass.)
Okay, since I've been one to talk down about the terms "primary" and "secondary," let me say here that I'm fine with other people using these terms, if they wish. I think we can come up with better terms, perhaps, which serve the purpose without seeming to rank people in loveliness -- which can seem to be implied by the term (and, no, it need not imply that).

I think all real love is wonderful, glorious, precious and beautiful. And I do understand that we can love some people beyond those we choose as full-on life partners, and all that. I'm personally working with/through these questions and issues -- and especially since meeting a very sweet man, recently, whom I could probably "fall for" even though I know my plate is full when it comes to full-on partnership loves (With probability accounted for).
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