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Originally Posted by Chimera View Post
That seems to me to be his real blind spot and a sexist one -- a reliance on pseudo-scientific generalizations that conflate biology with socially constructed categories. So we go from women not being inclined to poly, to women being "materialistic" if they are. Neither is based in nature, neither is accurate.
My impression is that Sean is not particularly sexist. I've known him for quite a few years, and he seems to genuinely like and respect women. Then again, perhaps he does have some sexism going on. I think something else may be at work, which is very likely to be about fear of loss (or?), should his own Sweetie be with another man. He has said that he would not enjoy the thought of his loverly companion having sexual relations with another man. This is hardly unusual in this culture! More likely, he has the usual, typical fears/issues that monogamously inclined people so often do.

I, of course, wish he'd speak for himself -- and only engage in this sort of talk here with his privacy respected by the fictitious name "Sean".

It's not easy addressing the many layers of social conditioning we've all had. It hasn't been for me, I'll assure you.
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