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Originally Posted by Mohegan View Post
I feel ya. We're probably loosing cable in the next two weeks and I need the internet for school so that should be fun. We're living on pasta and sandwhiches and cereal.

I'm gonna have to see if our school does something like that. The food stamp office told us not to bother to apply because by the time it's approved Karmas school loans will be here (they denied mine) and then they'll deny us for having to much $. Too bad that too much money is enough to make it 3 months and it's gotta make it 6.
Yeah, I have school loans too, and thought that I couldn't ask for help because when they come in I'd technically have money -- but that's a retarded way for the Food Stamp office to look at it because it's not a gift of money, for crap's sake, it's another fucking debt you have to pay back. I applied for Food Stamps, but they never called me when they said they would and I can't reach anyone there now to set up a new appointment.

I know when I get my loan check, I'm not keeping the money in the bank. I will pay my rent and bills and hold onto the cash in a secret hidey hole so no one can see what $$ I have on hand. I don't get any interest on my bank account anyway. I decided to sell off a lot of my stuff, too, if there's anyone out there with cash to buy it.

So, the grant I got was from our Office of Student Services, not the Fin. Aid office in my school. They have programs specifically set up to help students who can't make ends meet, I think because we have so many immigrants and low-income people (it's a public college, not private, so they work with all kinds of agencies). The first time I went there, she asked me if I had food, and gave me a gift card for a local grocery store. It was only $35 but helped tremendously. Maybe your school has something similar. I do know that not all departments know what the others can do for a student. Sometimes you can find these obscure services they offer on their websites.
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