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Default New to the board, not to poly


I never know what to say in an intro.

I'm 48 and have been actively poly for 15 years, but in retrospect I've always been poly...even before I knew the word for it.

I am married to my primary partner and currently have three secondary partners (two women and one man), some long distance and some not. (Yes, I know some people don't like the primary/secondary labels, but they work for us. Please respect our choices here.) My husband currently has one long distance secondary partner. I've had a number of secondary relationships over the years, some more successful than others.

I'm here right now because I just had a relatively new relationship end because my partner's wife decided that she couldn't handle him being poly after all. We had fallen deeply in love and I am really hurting right now. I guess I just need a place to talk to other poly folks about it. My husband, girlfriends, and boyfriend are supportive, but my non-poly friends just don't get it.

Thanks for listening. I hope to be a good, contributing member of the forum as well as receiving support and good advice.
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