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Originally Posted by Chimera View Post
I'm sure he has some positives since you are his friend, but I put people like that in my "not worth wasting one more word on" category.
He's not only my friend, he's one of my inner circle of very best friends, and I love him with all of my heart. (He was just here with me for a brief visit.)

None of us see things with perfect clarity, knowledge and insight in every realm of life. We're human! Yes, he has growth areas to work on. We all do. And he's growing, and has been contemplating all of this polyamory stuff, since one of his closest friends is poly. You gotta give him some credit for at least thinking freshly and being honest about his thoughts and feelings, which are changing (as we all do with experience and good communication). "Sean" (not his real name here) is quite an open-minded fellow, generally. He's the only heterosexual guy friend of mine that will snuggle and cuddle with me, kiss me on the lips..., spend long hours talking from the heart in heart-open space. He's a fine person with - perhaps - a blind spot about polyamory. Still, he's marvelously and lovingly supportive of me as I welcome a new love into my life -- though I already have a long time loverly partnership with my dear Kevin (also his dear friend).
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