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Originally Posted by TruckerPete View Post
So what you're saying is that my suggestion of "clusterfuck" didn't even make the short list??
It was right there with the figure eight ray suggested . Now that Windy and I are no longer actually fucking, that particular formation is gone, and hence the need to name it .

Apppears I'm flooding my own blog, but hey, it's my blog, so here goes:

1) The New Girl and her SO used to be poly from the get-go of their relationship. However, major unresolved jealousy ensued on both sides. Yes, there was boundary-breaking involved (she refers to them as rules). So they did the mono thing for a while. This time around, they are "open", with an OPP in place, and already running into difficulties (not with me, thank gawd).

Is this a giant red flag I'm just not seeing from all the red lust haze? Or normal growing pains a couple goes through? Should I just back the fuck off or let adults be adults and deal with their own relationships?

2) Flattie's going through a rough patch with the moving-out and all. I went with her to therapy last night, and her therapist said I function as her auxiliary ego in taking care of stuff she can't manage, such as cancelling her date last night.

This week I've dedicated to hanging out with her instead of my previous plans to hang out with Moonlight and Vanilla. So where I used to be undecided on the issue of whether polyships affect each other or not, the jury is now out on that one; sometimes you need to prioritize, on the basis of who needs you most at any given moment.
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