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Originally Posted by ray View Post
My post must have seemed super random. Good luck with managing all the NRE.
Oh no, not at all! I just interpreted it as musing over how a seasoned kinkster like Vanilla might also have trepidations about dating an uninitiated vanilla ice cream like myself, like you were offering another POV. I really appreciate the input, hadn't even thought about it from her angle.

Oh, and dental dams are available via the net up here also! Moonlight checked them out for me even though I never mentioned it to him, just read it here on my blog, did a bit of research and posted me the links, because he's great like that!

I've decided to call the cluster I inhabit my clan from now on. Thanks to Mum who asked whether the New Girl will be incorporated to "my clan" also. I can't help but to think that a "tribe" is a bit inaccurate a term from an anthropological POV. If my notes from my Anthropology 101 class are in order, "clan" refers to a group of people who can trace common ancestry to a shared forefather/mother. A "tribe" is a group of people who believe they share common ancestry and often cite a mythological forefather/mother that started the tribe as the common link between all the tribe members, but cannot actually trace their lineage all the way back to them.

I think I will continue to refer to people who are either involved directly with me or with my partners (thus being my metamours) as my clan and if I ever am to gain paramours of metamours, they would form the limits of my polyamorous tribe, where my clan is one among many interconnected clans .
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