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Originally Posted by ray View Post
Sometimes, I feel mean or demanding when I do that but I'm learning *slowly* that it can be the most compassionate thing to do. When you feel respected and fulfilled, you can be there more joyful for everyone else around you. Including yourself.
Such an important point! Thanks for sharing.

Originally Posted by ray View Post
So The Nurse's ex is M. M is now dating E and C. The Nurse, M and E used to be a triad at one point. Then it was a constellation of sorts with M in the middle and Nurse, E and C as the arms. Recently E and M broke contact with the Nurse. Before that had happened the Nurse had suggested that I talk with E about some personal stuff related to me. E and I struck up a friendship. Now, I am further exploring that with E as well as playing (kink) and also getting to know M more.
Polyamorous in-breeding - gotta love it!

Why did they stop talking to Nurse? General flakiness again?

Originally Posted by ray View Post
I also have decided to take a break from dating until I feel a bit more confident in my ability to distinguish a good relationship from a bad one since apparently I don't seem to know too much about how to do that well.
Want to hava a really stupid piece of advice? Good relationships make you feel good for extended periods of time. Bad relationships make you feel bad for extended periods of time.

Originally Posted by ray View Post
Until the last year or so, I hadnt experienced sexual attraction to a person. I am uncertain if I can be sexually aroused without some involvement of kink. Keep in mind that I still havent had sex. So I wont know more until I start to explore this more... Ive never been aroused by the thought of sex that didnt involve some kind of kink. That could change for sure. Im afraid that I couldnt have a fulfilling sexual relationship with someone who was only willing to have plain vanilla sex. I wouldnt write some one off just because they werent an active kinkster but if they rejected that side of me like my ex did, I want no part of it. That dynamic made me feel ashamed of who I am and did a lot of damage to my sexuality.
So you thought you were asexual? Or were you always certain that once you were to find your tribe and people to play with, you would sexually blossom?

I totally get your point. I wouldn't want to be involved with a person who had a huge beef with my bisexuality. I've been in two relationships where it was an issue and never want to do those again .
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