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It's strange...I drafted at least 2 or 3 responses to this initial question...and then I couldn't really make a commitment. I think that is largely because I don't really care how people label themselves. It will sound harsh...but I don't really have any interest in what words people may choose to describe it's so often the case that I use a particular word differently to the way they use them. In the end...I'll get a feel for someone based on their behaviours they exhibit around me..

I had a long term relationship with someone who would certainly describe himself as poly...he lived with his girlfriend. But basically the level of deceipt involved made the situation way outside my loosest definition of "poly".

Now...I do LOVE words..really...I love them..

The way humans use them...well...not so keen

I have a very good male friend, who defines himself as gay...I've known him to sleep with women on occasion. Do I care ? No...not really...who he sleeps with and the words he feels comfortable with are his own. Yeah, so he's gay but occasionally fucks a chick. Who cares ? Is it useful..not to me...or to him either (his words)

I don't label myself as poly or mono...I run my personal relationships within my personal ethical framework. I live very close to my values. I don't need a word or a label to justify the way I live. I live happily and honestly...

In any case. Omni meaning "all" or "every"...could be a confusing term...maybe that suggests you could be be all and every love style at the same time.

Mono and poly always and all. I'm being silly obviously

Is there a reason someone would find this word useful ?
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