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Here's my situation to add to the multitudes...My husband and I are happily married. We have had a remarkable situation from the beginning. Love, acceptance, and honesty have been staples from the start. We have dabbled in dating others, swinging, etc. I though have not had sex with another man since we met. We have had threesomes...those were fun and helped me realize I am more straight than I first thought, lol. But I think it has all been a stepping stone to Polyamory. He has recently had an old flame enter his life and on paper she is the perfect "unicorn". I don't ever want to deny him or judge him. I have been a willing participant in all our crazy ideas. I was totally on board for the poly thing. I have never been very faithful myself or thought one person was enough for one other person. The ironic problem now is I am completely happy with one person. I really have no desire to date, be intimate with anyone else. Regardless of jealousy exercises or anything else, what I have come to realize is a fundamental difference, I want him to NOT want to be poly. I want him to feel the same way I do about him, but it is not the case. Now that I know do I deal with it? He would give up the poly, but if I really love him and want his happiness, then I would rather just deal with it all. Where do I start accepting and losing the hurt I feel. Thanks for listening!
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