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I think it sounds like generalization. I have been having discussions with a staunchly mono male lately and he is trying to say I am just confused that I just haven't met the right person, if I had I wouldn't be polyamorous. I find this kind of interesting. What I said to him is being everything to someone is tiring and a huge responsibility. But his retort is simply, I just haven't met the right person. I think all of us want initially to be everything to everybody, like no one will be "better" and that someone couldn't possibly love someone else because "I'm all that" to them. Especially if sex is involved. But I think that's true of both sexes. By in large anyone I speak male or female that is not poly amorous does not understand it. That's just the way it is.

I also think it depends on where the people are in the relationship. Both parties will be a little more possessive in the thoes of NRE than say a year or so later... (but then I could be wrong, I haven't met the right person yet. LOL)

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