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Originally Posted by River View Post
Had a very challenging time on the way to and at the Radical Faerie gathering I went to with Long Lost Love--who wasn't much interested in connecting with me, which is perhaps an understatement. So much that could go wrong went wrong. Near constant rain, endless mud, lost (bad directions to the site), backtracking, lack of sleep, wandering in the car back and forth..., driving fifty plus miles to the nearest motel for a bed for the night.... Abandoned (again) by Long Lost Love at the Gathering. (He found a pretty boy toy and that was that -- not even friendship relating with him after all of these (17!) years. He didn't even sleep once in the tent we brought for us. We didn't but say "Hi" now and then at the Gathering. But I did meet some good folks, and one of them might be a new friend -- we shall see.

So happy to be home!
Wow River, what a disaster. I had thought for some reason plans with LLL had already fallen through. But you did get together, and yet he ignored you. My sympathies. I hope the other activities made up for his rude behavior a little.
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