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Originally Posted by Sunshinegrl View Post
Hey, I just read that..Its not so bad...really....

Me too; I flipped through it, but every page I landed on was like "Ya ok so what?" Either I already figured it out for myself or it's just common-sense. I do take exception because I haven't actually read the whole thing so maybe there are some fabulous insights that I have yet to uncover.

Of course, the entire premise of the book just presumes you have already decided that you want this, so I can see how Mono is irked by it. It's sort of like, if you're already religious and you read the scripture, versus someone who's an atheist reading the scripture. Mono, you are the atheist in this scenario

I still recommend "Roadmaps for the Clueless and Hopeful" as a more "culturally egalitarian" guide to alternative relationship styles, even though I am a mere 65 pages into it (it has very small print).
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