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Originally Posted by claytonjackie View Post
My name is Clayton and my wife's name is Jackie. I am 34 and she is 28. We are looking to add another female to our life. We are new to this but would like for this person to basically be a second wife (excluding the actual marriage part). This person must be committed to us only as we would be committed to them. I am into hiking and working outdoors. My wife likes to go on small hikes around the lakes and she works in an office. We have 5 cats. We usually don't go to alot of social events (ie bars). We are non-smokers. We like a variety of music including country, rock, and some rap. We have a stable environment and would like for the person joining us to respect that. We are easy to get along with. We believe in pulling your own weight (another words we are not looking for someone to lay around and mooch off us). We live in N Carolina and after getting to know you we would have you live with us and try it out. Thanks
im interested, still looking?
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