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First you need to identify what issues you are having with jealousy. I know mine are rooted in Is she going to replace me and am I enough. This might not be yours. You might be feeling that you will lose that special something that is between you, who knows. Do some reading on jealousy, identify you fears within the green eyed monster. Remember jealousy is an emotion that can be handled in a multitude of ways. This weekend I found myself jealousy that my gf is off at an event and seeing her other guy. I just reminded myself she is coming home to me. This in no way makes it 100% better but easier to handle. I am mono and just found myself in this type of relationship with a woman. I am trying to be open to it. You need to talk (stay calm), remember talk to her about what you are feeling and listen to what she has to say. Read up on primary and secondary relationships talk to her about what she feels is appropriate in each. Ask her why this happened. Is it because you two have hit a road bump or is it because she is just poly and has that much love to share around. Ask a lot of questions, this is you life and as much as hers. Be honest and supportive, don't get angry and lash out at her. This is the stuff that helped me the most. Try reading though the stuff on
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