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OK...I am beginning to wonder about the bi-polar. He is spending money we don't have, compulsive eating..full meals every 2-3 hours(again something we cannot afford right now)lying about upcoming jobs, and as of yesterday is talking about moving with the girlfriend...not 'moving in' with the girlfriend...he is talking as if they already live together and are going to be packing and moving and painting their bedroom. He left here today at 1:30 to go to her house...right before the kids came home from their first day of school...his hid in his office this morning when we were getting back is out(he decided I needed a back rub and jammed his thumbs into the small of my back and now I can barely walk 2 steps without crying and he did nothing to help with the kids...I drove them, walked them to classes, the teachers thought I was sad because it was the first day. He did take the kids to her house last week..acting like dad of the year, playing with them, talking to them while at her house....but he's still acting like they are lepers while he is here.

I should have some privacy to make some phone calls tomorrow morning to legal aid, possibly the welfare office to see if I have some options beyond my mom's house....I was really hoping that I would be working by now.

My mother is practically salivating to get me to move in with her...but says I have to agree to stay until she dies(she is convinced her husband is knocking on death's door and is really worried about who will mow the lawn and pay his half of the bills) and she plans to live another 40 years..she isn't joking ..she is serious about all of it and wants me to sign an I am surrounded by insanity. I told her that I was thinking about counseling she said I didn't need it that once I was at her house I'd get over what ever it is I think is wrong...

Thanks again....if only I could turn back time by about 10-12 years...
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