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Originally Posted by SourGirl View Post
To me, 'Open' means you are literally open to a wide variety of non-mongamous scenarios. This could include a 'mix' of dating, caring, sex, LTR, with all, or some people that come into your life.
That is where I place myself.
Originally Posted by Chimera View Post
I think I'm confused by these definitions. Why couldn't poly include some of the things you're including under "open"? You could have multiple loving relationships and dating, sex, etc. etc.

I guess I don't really think it's so easy to separate how people use these two words -- poly and open.
Well, you can be poly AND open, or poly and NOT open. Open doesn't necessarily equate with poly, because many polyfolk are polyfidelitous and, hence, NOT open. Polyamory having a focus of loving relationships and open being, well, open to non-monogamous liaisons that don't necessarily involve love or an ongoing commitment.
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