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He was in no way identifying as "open." He had been practicing (is that a valid term?) Poly for years with people who also have as he won't date people who are new. In his world, it seems to me, there is no jealousy, no anything really, kind of a bunch of people who come and go who all are flavours of the month to each other. All over lapping each other. This to him seems to be what poly is and if anyone comes along who is either interested in a poly fi triad or quad or whatever, then that is as "bad" as monogamy and is just not poly enough.

Its been a good lesson to me actually. Its reminded me to keep my eyes open and not settle into my comfy little life in terms of believing others would be as comfy if they only knew what they could have. I, by no means, have, what others want. If anyone ever thought that then they are dead wrong. I certainly don't believe that.

Thank goodness we are all different; remembering we are and accepting that I think is the key to full acceptance.

(I think I just answered my question for myself on how to facilitate our community coming together and not separating over some of the issues.)
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