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I'm irritating huh? And seem dismissive and what was it? Disrespectful? Meh, sorry you see it that way. The fact is that some people do use poly "dating" as an interim term between monogamous arrangements. Not everyone, but they do. If someone doesn't then they can say so.

I've been here long enough that I feel I can start discussing some of the stuff that is more specific. If that seems dismissive, disrespectful etc. then you obviously don't know me that well NYC. A bit of a surprise there actually. If it isn't of interest to discuss the subtle nuances of how people use the word "poly" without thinking that there is some big agenda of mine behind it then don't engage me in conversation about it.

Sorry, I don't mean to sound grumpy about it but really? I don't give that much of a shit what people do and I have no interest in convincing anyone that they should do it my way. If I were poly "dating" many people until I find "the one" and said what I said I wonder if it would be an issue? Likely not.

Maybe I need to clarify each time I bring up dating that "some" people find the word poly; apply it because its kinda catchy right now and use it to be more responsible/ethical in their dating practices because they either don't think they will find monogamy again or want to be in the "lifestyle" of poly until they do.... Would that help at all?

Or maybe I should also add each time that some people use the word "poly" to cover up their cheating and be more palatable to people they might have an affair with. That might work also... I will have a lot of writing to do. not too surprising. No wonder most poly's I know are not interested in discussing this stuff. Its arduous.
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