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The closest thing I can think to compare to is “church”. There are many, many different denominations that all have differing ways of “believing” and each think that their way is better than the next and some go so far as to say that their way is the only right way to believe. Within the church there are also many different groups, singles, young marrieds, adults with families, empty nesters, etc.

I don’t see people intentionally setting out to ONLY spend time with those that “fit” into their same grouping, but it just happens that way. Those with kids have a definite priority, time and attention shift that those without kids can sympathies with, but can’t truly grasp the full impact. Let's face it, how many of us truly understood how much would change when we first held our newborn, it's impacts us way more than just some sleepless nights, it effect our whole phychy. My boss (who doesn’t have any kids) has brought up the topic many times that he can’t comprehend how those of us that do have kids do it, I think this is especially true as he compares his life/business with that of his business partner, who does have kids. Of course I also see the reverse and it's unfair of those of us with kids to expect those without kids to react, view things or even think the same way as we do.

@Autumnal Tone: The problem is that ESPECIALLY in the English language, one word will have different connotations. Is it being used as an adjective (identity), a verb (lifestyle), etc? Now if the definition is only "many loves", then a cheater can definitely be poly as, he/she may actually love both partners even if said cheater isn't being ethical.

Like I said at the beginning this reminds me so much of the debates within the church.

There, Mono said almost the same thing in only 4 sentences.

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