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Whoever dreamed up this ridiculous word, omniamorous, is someone who sees people as either/or and is trying to say that there are some who can be both. This actually fosters more divisiveness than not. Why are people so hung up on labels rather than just paying attention to how they treat the people in their lives instead?

Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
This kind of makes sense to me as some people are in a poly "lifestyle" because it is convenient right now, or because they want to date... they might settle into monogamy if the right person came by...
This is not the first time you've stated this, RP, and I find it a bit irritating. It seems you are saying that only the people who individually identify as poly ("wired that way") are really doing it right, and are truly poly, while others who see poly as a relationship structure they have chosen are somehow not serious enough and are just fooling around with poly out of "convenience" or until something better comes along. I feel that is very dismissive.
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