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Originally Posted by AutumnalTone View Post
I'll call BS on this. When dealing with terms, they either have a specific meaning--which makes them useful--or they don't--and that makes them useless. In the specific instance of the term "polyamory," it either makes a useful distinction among the forms of nonmonogamy or it's useless and not needed. It's not an opinion that "swinging" refers to something specific and that "open" refers to something specific and that, to be useful, "polyamory" needs to refer to something specific. It's all about having words that actuall mean something to differentiate between this and that and the thing over there.
This quote you quoted wasn't directed specifically at polyamory at all. It was directed at opinions in general. Marraige means different things to different people, and one person may have a certain idea of marraige and think anybody else who sees it differently is wrong. My point was what Neon said much better than me-- just because I do it differently doesn't make me wrong.

As for polyamory, specifically -- all that word means is many loves. And I don't believe that love can be defined in a way everybody would agree with, so how can polyamory be defined that way?
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