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Originally Posted by pratiard73 View Post
I really would love to join a spiritualist church, does anyone know if there is one in or near aldershot Hampshire.
I tried looking on the Internet but it turn out blank.
And do you have to be a Christian to be one, Im not religious

thanks brad
You might want to check out the Unitarian church. They are not specifically Christian and welcome a variety of religious traditions. I know some poly people in the Unitarian churches too, though there are also quite a few more old fashioned folk. If you don't mind trekking up to Richmond, there's a nice church there with some cool progressive members.

And if you ever felt like trekking all the way into London, I used to help plan a specialized alternative service called Resonance, that happens once a month up in Islington. It's pretty cool as the topics tend to be a bit more relative to people's lives.

You might be able to find some info at

You can also check out for more info.

Maybe when I get back to London I can spot you at one of the events!
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